psychic – Psychic Readings in Pretoria – Tshwane – Johannesburg

psychic – Psychic Readings in Pretoria – Tshwane – Johannesburg by Mama Baraka

I am a Certified Psychic Clairvoyant Medium / Reiki Master and NLP Life Coach. I offer a wide scope of services tailored specifically for you. Meeting and tapping in with you where you are in your life and tailored with your energy frequency. I have all that you need with over 32 years’ experience, with sourced and accurate information. I always have a range of deals to suit my client’s budgets. I work full time on many Platforms across the world and have given thousands, if not millions of Readings to many happy Clients all over the world. Many of whom have become regular clients.

Wanting more out of your life? Do you want to amp up your energy with me in a Life mastery coaching session? I will meet you where you are, we can unravel together where you are stuck and how to shift that energy. Are you wanting the keys to deal with difficult relationships, friends and family ties? Learn how to weave and navigate certain types of problematic outcomes in relationships and how to bend reality, in order to reserve your energy? Are you wondering what you are doing wrong that is effecting your outcomes to the things you are trying to manifest. Wanting more FUN! In your love life? Needing to juice the squeeze out of it and get back on track, but you don’t know how to navigate yourself out of a negative roller coast to know where you stand. Allow me to help you put the fun back into your life. I highly recommend to all my clients to do a session with me once or twice a month or more when needed. Reiki healing is the new and oldest type of natural healing and has become the new age medicine without the toxic build up for your spiritual body. I offer Jikiden Reiki sessions in the comfort of my home, where I will contact a full consult with you, using my abilities to uncover anything else I pick up within you.

Are you an Empath? Needing to know so you can navigate this energy in understanding that you feel energy on a deeper level. Spiritual growth is an ongoing journey that never ends, so it is paramount to clear any blockages and update our spiritual knowledge and boundaries along the way.

These readings are conducted via Skype session or What’s app messengers or calls.

Cell: +27639132907 or email me on : I look forward to hearing from you, many blessings and peace.


My readings are done on the same day YEAH!

(Readings must be done on the same day because energy moves and changes everyday.)

Lite~Life Mastery sessions: It’s time for you to master your life and now it’s at your finger tips, for those hard to reach ideals you have been going through or can’t understand why it is they are not happening.

Are you feeling abundantly blocked?

Are you feeling spiritually blocked ?

Are your teenagers needing help though self healing and with peers?

Do your relationships need readjusting for better emotional support, to form a better understanding between all?

Take back your power and win this life you deserve to live. These sessions are available on Whats app calls.


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